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Posted on 9 January 2024

Bathroom cleaning tips

A clean bathroom doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics of your home – it’s essential for maintaining health and hygiene. Fortunately, keeping this room spotless doesn’t have to be an impossible task, even if you have a large family. Read our bathroom cleaning tips to find out how to maintain a...

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Posted on 12 June 2023

Are bathroom fitters worth paying for?

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Or perhaps you simply want a new sink or bath installed? In any case, you may be asking the question “Are bathroom fitters worth paying for?”. Of course, the answer is yes, especially if you want the work done to a very high...

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Posted on 4 April 2023

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Is your bathroom on the small side? If so, you may be wondering how to make it appear more spacious. There are a few ways to do this, from bringing in more natural light to installing floor to ceiling tiles. Whether you want to completely remodel the space or make...

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Posted on 23 January 2023

How do I plan my new bathroom?

Are you thinking of remodelling your bathroom? If so, it’s important to spend some time getting it right. The bathroom is no longer simply a practical space where we wash and get ready for the day – it should be a tranquil haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. At Quality Bathrooms,...

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Posted on 14 June 2022

What is a walk-in bath?

Are you getting older or have started to experience reduced mobility? If so, you may be considering -investing in a walk-in bath to make bathing an easier task. Read on to find out what is a walk-in bath and why you should get one.  How does a walk-in bath work? ...

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Posted on 5 May 2022

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Bathroom Fitter

The bathroom is a safe haven. It might sound amusing, or even a little dramatic, but it’s true. It is a place that provides us with ten minutes of peace and quiet or an hour of tranquillity.  Or you can just soak in the bath and forget about the stress...

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Posted on 6 January 2022

What is the history of baths?

Over the years, bathing has become not just a way to keep clean but also to relax and unwind at the end of a hard day. If you love a long soak in the tub, you may be wondering “What is the history of baths?” Read on to learn more...

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Posted on 16 November 2021

What do people prefer – a bath or shower?

The bath vs shower debate has taken place for years. Whilst some people prefer a relaxing soak in the tub, others enjoy the rejuvenation that only a hot shower can provide. But what do people prefer, a bath or shower? Read on to find out.  Bath versus shower: the great...

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