How To Replace A Toilet Seat

how to fit a new toilet seat

Replacing a toilet seat may seem straightforward enough, but actually, there’s a little more to it. In this article, we’ll be talking you through how to efficiently change your toilet seat with care and precision.   How To Choose A Toilet Seat Although this may seem self-explanatory, it can be easier than you think to… Read More

How To Unblock A Bath Or Shower Drain

how to unblock a drain

A blocked bath or shower drain is a very common problem with an all too easy solution. Don’t forgo your nice hot bath or a steamy shower for the sake of a simple blocked drain. Here are some helpful hints and tips for you to successfully unblock your drain.   Chemicals And Solutions That Can… Read More

10 Amazing Benefits of Taking Cold Showers Every Day

benefits of cold showers

Having a cold shower in the morning is often everyone’s idea of a nightmare. But actually, taking cold showers can be highly beneficial to your health. We’re here to tell you how this can improve both your physical and mental health. Here are ten reasons why you should ditch a warm shower for a cold,… Read More

What Are The Different Bath Sizes & Dimensions?

bath sizes and bath dimensions

A standard bath in the UK measures 1700mm in length and 700mm in width. However, there are many different types of baths available that come in various dimensions to accommodate the size of your bathroom. Here are some bath dimensions and sizes to help you choose one that is perfect for your needs.   How… Read More

5 Bathroom Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

dangerous bathroom habits

Your bathroom, although you may think it’s spotless is, unfortunately, a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you practice bad bathroom etiquette. From swimming pools and locker rooms to the gym and public loos, nowhere is safe from the harmful germs that harbour in moist, warm nooks and crannies. In a bid to banish horrid… Read More

What Are The Different Types of Shower?

When it comes to the bathroom there are so many decisions to make and that’s certainly the case when choosing the right shower. There are countless types of shower, including electric showers, mixer showers, thermostatic showers, eco showers, digital showers and power showers. Don’t worry though, Quality Bathrooms are here to take you through each… Read More

How To Prepare Your Bathroom For Winter

During the wintertime, we all find it hard getting up in the morning because it’s oh-so cosy and warm in bed and avoiding the icy, cold bathroom is just too easy. That said, it’s impossible to steer clear from the bathroom because we all need to freshen up after a night’s sleep. So put a… Read More

Bathroom Quirks From Around The World

Travelling around the world can open us up to the most amazing experiences including delicious delicacies and stunning sights, but sometimes, we might just find ourselves surprised by the contrast in culture. Before you jet off, it’s unlikely that you will experience the toilet talk – and for some, that’s probably a good thing –… Read More

The History of Bathrooms and Bathing

Bathrooms today focus on sheer luxury and we certainly expect it to be completely sanitary, private and comfortable – quite different compared to 3000 B.C. Although we humans have always needed to go to the toilet and wash, the concept of a bathroom that offers flushing toilets, warm water and ventilation, is only a relatively… Read More

How to Design And Plan Your Bathroom

For some, the bathroom is purely there for functionality rather than style but for others, the bathroom is the making and breaking point of a sale. If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom to make your home more saleable or to simply indulge in luxury, you’ll certainly be looking towards design and planning ideas to… Read More