What is a walk-in bath?

Posted on 14 June 2022

Are you getting older or have started to experience reduced mobility? If so, you may be considering -investing in a walk-in bath to make bathing an easier task. Read on to find out what is a walk-in bath and why you should get one. 

How does a walk-in bath work? 

A walk-in bath is a bathtub that allows you to enter without needing to step over the side. You can then close the watertight door, fill it with water and bathe. When you have finished, the water drains away, allowing you to exit the tub easily and safely. There are a wide range of walk-in baths to choose from, some of which will be better suited to your needs than others.

Why choose a walk-in bath? Bathroom Designs Scunthorpe

Many people opt for a walk-in bath as they get older or start to experience poor mobility. Problems with mobility can occur for a variety of reasons, including ageing, illness or injury. Whatever the cause, mobility issues can make getting in or out of the bath very difficult and even dangerous in some cases. A walk-in bath can remove this problem since you can enter it without needing to step over the high sides.

Whilst showering in a shower cubicle or wet room is one option if you have poor mobility, you may prefer the relaxation that comes with soaking in a hot bath. A bath doesn’t just help you unwind and de-stress at the end of a long day but also soothes tired muscles and can even improve your breathing. There are many health benefits to having a bath. 

Having a walk-in bath can allow you to continue enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub despite your mobility issues. Walk-in baths give you your independence back, allowing you to bathe without assistance from others. This is one of the factors that encourages many people to invest in walk-in baths. 

Types of walk-in baths

Choosing a walk-in bath isn’t always simple since there are a number of options available to you. These include:

  • Sit-in baths. This type of bath is one of the most popular choices, offering the perfect blend of accessibility and comfort. It’s much shorter than a normal full-length bath, designed so that the user stays in an upright position. This ensures that they can’t slip down. They work in a similar way to some adjustable beds or rise and recliner chairs. Whether you’re suffering from joint issues such as arthritis or you struggle to climb safely over the side of a conventional bath, a sit-in bath could be ideal. 
  • Full-length baths. Full-length baths tend to be cheaper than sit-in baths, however, they still offer the same ease of access. You can still walk in and out of the tub with minimal fuss. This makes them a good choice if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative and you don’t suffer from joint pains. 
  • Luxury accessories. Many walk-in baths can incorporate luxury extras to enhance the bathing experience, including jets or whirlpool settings. This provides added comfort and relaxation. You may opt for a powered seat due to having significantly reduced mobility or a serious disability. If so, you’ll need to hire a qualified installer who can safely connect to an electricity source. At Quality Bathrooms, we can assist with this. 

Shop for walk-in baths

With so many walk-in baths on the market, it makes sense to consult with experienced bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe. At Quality Bathrooms, we’re on hand to assist you. We’ve been installing beautiful bathrooms in the area for many years, gaining a fantastic reputation for our services. We can advise on choosing the right walk-in bath for your needs and budget and install it to a high standard in your bathroom.

How much are walk-in baths? 

You might assume that walk-in baths are too expensive for your budget. However, they come with a variety of price tags, making them accessible to many people. You should also consider that the price you’ll pay for a walk-in bath will depend largely on the additional features you choose, such as jets, motorised seat or shower screen. The cost of installation can vary considerably too. If you want to keep costs down as much as possible, we recommend choosing a tub that mirrors your existing bath’s size and position in your bathroom. 

Another thing to consider is that if you have a disability or a chronic illness that impacts your mobility, you may be able to claim the VAT back on the cost of the bath and the installation. That’s 20%, which is a considerable amount. 

Hire bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe 

Now that you know what is a walk-in bath and how it can improve your life, you may be looking to install one in your home. If so, it’s important to choose reputable bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe to do this for you since this will ensure the installation is carried out to the highest possible standards. At Quality Bathrooms, we have been fitting walk-in baths for local people for many years, building a fantastic reputation. To find out what to expect from our bathroom installation services, take a look at our testimonials or recent projects on our website. 

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