Why should I install a Wetroom?

Posted on 30 October 2019

Why Should I Install a Wetroom?

Modern Wetroom

A wet room is a bathroom that features a levelled showering system that combines tanking (a method used to waterproof the room) and sloped floors that point towards a drain.

Instead of a bulky shower unit or bath, a shower head shoots water onto the floor itself. Some wet rooms include a shower screen to prevent any excess splashing on nearby fixtures.

This article will detail the many benefits of a wet room.

Extra space

Wet rooms do away with bulky shower units and baths. They utilise the available space in the room and are a great option for smaller bathrooms.

If space permits, you can choose to include a bathroom in your wet room if you so wish.

Otherwise, enjoy a spacious bathroom that can be customised with added furniture or amenities.

Easier to clean

Without shower screens or trays, very little clean-up is required after use.

This is a great asset if you have a particularly busy schedule. Some wet rooms do include a shower screen to reduce splashes, but even just one shower screen is much quicker to clean than an entire shower unit or bath.

Premium feel

The addition of a wet room can boost the aesthetic of your bathroom. The sleek, minimalist design provides ample design opportunity, combining well with materials such as concrete, wood and stone.

Include underfloor electric heating to further enhance the premium feel of your bathroom.

Heating will warm the tiles of your bathroom and help moisture to evaporate more quickly, as well as provide a comforting, warm sensation as you walk out of the shower.


Manoeuvring in and out of a wet room is far easier than a shower unit or bath.

There is no need to step over anything or into any units.  This makes a wet room a prime choice for the elderly or the less-abled.  

Modern bathroom for disabled people

Increased durability

Wet rooms require waterproofing to ensure that moisture is contained within the room itself.

This waterproofing keeps wetrooms durable, so they require less work to maintain.

This could save you money and time in the long run. 

Added value to your home

As previously noted, wet rooms add a sophisticated, high-end look to your bathroom.

This can add extra value to your home, and may even offset the price of tanking the room.

granite being installed for Jacuzzi tub
Granite being installed for Jacuzzi tub. Quality Bathrooms of Scunthorpe

Here at Quality Bathrooms of Scunthorpe, we provide bespoke wetrooms to suit individual requirements and room sizes. We’re hugely experienced in the installation of wetrooms and will ensure that your room is completely waterproofed to accommodate for the new fitting. Wetrooms are just one example of how we can transform bathrooms across Scunthorpe, Epworth, Brigg and the surrounding areas. Our bespoke fitted bathrooms include a redesign or your entire bathroom, including adding luxury baths, sinks & taps and whatever else you require. Contact our team today to hear more.

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