Why Should I Renovate My Bathroom?

Posted on 6 June 2018

Reviving your bathroom could be exactly what your home needs for you to fall back in love with it. Breathe life back into your home so you can start and end of your day right with some alterations, modifications or an entire room renovation. When remodelling your bathroom, you should think about what you would like to change and how you would like to improve upon what’s currently there. There are a number of benefits to sprucing up the bathroom because not only can you thoroughly enjoy those extra luxuries, but you can also increase your home’s value.  


What a Bathroom Renovation Offers:


  1. Increased value on your home

    Whether or not you’re looking to sell your home, chances are, a recently renovated bathroom will help to up the price of your home, usually between £3500 and £4000 extra. A clean, modern and functional bathroom can really be the cherry on top for many buyers – even a simple, second toilet can add a tidy profit too. For everyone looking to buy a house, two toilets is certainly a bonus and a great selling point.


  2. Energy bill savings


    Updating your bathroom can save you money on your energy bills. With efficient water saving technology such as dual flushes, tap regulators and eco shower settings – you can be sure to help lower your bills, alongside your impact on the environment! Also, modern heated handrails are ideal for keeping your bathroom free from damp, towels toasty and dry, alongside handy settings that can ensure you only use the energy you require throughout the fluctuating temperature that comes along with each season.


  3. Little luxuries

    Have you ever looked through a showroom and thought: I wouldn’t mind having that hot tub style bath or heated flooring? – well, now is the time to embrace those little luxuries that you’ve always wanted but never treated yourself to. We use our bathrooms every day, so why not finally enjoy a spa-like experience when cleansing? Invest your money into something that you will look forward to; give your bathroom the wow factor with a touch of luxury – whether that’s body jets in the bath or marble tiles. Renovate your room right!


  4. Flawless functionality

    So your bath isn’t as big as you want it to be, it’s gone off-white and your tap drips endlessly, the grouting is black and the room is somewhere you like to get in and get out of sharpish. If this is the case, it’s almost certainly time to take a step in the right direction and make your bathroom clean, practical and flawlessly functional. Decide what you want to improve and work on it. If you’re fed up of a weak shower, sort your plumbing and opt for a three-sided shower, if you barely use your bath, consider removing it altogether and having a walk in shower to save space.


  5. More storage space

    We all have nearly finished shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles that we find hard to get rid of, but knowing where to put them is a whole different story. If you leave them on the side during a hot, steamy shower, chances are mould has built up, which makes you much less inclined to ever touch them ever again. However, should you decide to renovate your bathroom, opt for more storage space so that your bathroom tops are clean and clear. This will make your bathroom more hygienic, less cluttered and certainly more inviting.



If you would like inspiration when renovating your bathroom, speak to the experts here at Quality Bathrooms of Scunthorpe Ltd today and let’s see what we can do for you. With a wealth of experience and a friendly dedicated team to talk to, you can ensure the first-rate service when you choose to come to us. Find your local branch today – we’re based in Scunthorpe, Epworth and Brigg/Barton.

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