Why More People are Getting an En Suite

Posted on 20 April 2020

The en suite bathroom has a certain je ne sais quois that homeowners absolutely adore. It’s easy to see the appeal and why they are so popular. Recently, there has been a pretty sharp increase in the number of people who have been investing in this little addition, and it’s amazing to see just how much it can bring to a home. Are you also considering a new en suite? If so, this is the perfect guide for you. 


What’s the Appeal of an En Suite? 

The en suite bathroom is a private haven that no one else has access to. When guests are over it remains untouched. For those with young children, it is a place to get away and just have a little time to yourself. No matter how big or small your en suite is, there is no getting away from the fact that it remains your space and no one else’s. 

They add a feeling of luxury to your home. When someone says they have an en suite in the master bedroom, an immediate image of sophistication comes to mind. There is nothing quite like taking a candle-lit bath in the seclusion of your own private bathroom and the fact that it is so close to your bedroom? A massive bonus. Those boutique hotel vibes are everything. 


Will An En Suite Improve the Value of Your Home? 

Yes, and en suite bathroom will absolutely increase the value of your home. You might be shocked to know that it can boost the price by an impressive 5%. 

For an average-priced home, this means you could easily throw an extra £11,000 onto the sale price. It’s a feature people want, and while there is a lot of

demand there is not nearly enough supply. It is fantastic to find out that your home has increased value when you add little things, but there is something you need to be aware of. Every home has a ceiling value and this is the point where you simply cannot charge more because of things like the location, size, and amenities.

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Here’s an example, if you add an en suite to a four-bed home with four baths, there’s not going to be much of an increase in value. Be sensible with your renovation plans and carefully consider if the addition of an en suite is worth it in the long run. If you’re just adding the en suite for you and have no plans to sell, go for it as there is no need to think of the added value. 


Key Tips for Creating Your En Suite

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when your bathroom is being created and installed. They should help make your bathroom much easier to maintain in future:

  • Make sure the cistern will be easy to access
  • If you are in an upstairs room, consider lowering the ceiling to make way for the pipes or raising the shower floor
  • Make sure any concealed valves can be accessed for maintenance in future
  • Shower screens should only be sealed on the outside so that trapped water is drained through the shower tray
  • Use as few elbows and joins as possible to avoid the risk of leaks
  • If you use coloured grout it will stay fresher for longer 
  • Remember ventilation to avoid mould, or at least invest in a dehumidifier 


Why People Want Bigger Shower Enclosures 

Shower enclosures can feel very claustrophobic, especially the small and cramped enclosures. Your shower is supposed to be a time to relax, and this is why many people are choosing to have their bathroom completely redone – it allows them to enjoy the space.

The most popular new shower enclosures are walk-ins and wet rooms. The former is very low to the ground and takes up more space, with a glass screen to keep water in. Wet rooms have no shower walls, and they really add an element of freedom to your bathing. Once you experience a wetroom shower, you won’t want to go back to enclosed ones ever again. 


Making the Most of Your Bathroom Space 

When you are creating your new en suite, it’s good to think about what you are going to do to make the most of your space. A room that is open and inviting is the best way to make even the smallest rooms feel more spacious and luxurious. 

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Go for colours that are soft and warm to maximise space and create a calming interior. Little things like heated towel racks are a massive plus, as well as a nice mirror that gives you enough space to see what you’re doing. 

Underfloor heating is a huge bonus, and it is sure to add more value to an already exquisite bathroom. Sleek, spacious, and something you love but also a bathroom that people won’t want to rip out if and when you decide to sell. 


Auto CAD Design For Your En Suite

Don’t forget that with the Auto CAD 3D design you can visualise your new en suite before its even built.  We can show you quite quickly what you will have in your home and if you book in for a FREE consultation we can organise this for you.


Get in Touch

If you are on the hunt for an En Suite in Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Epworth, make sure you get in touch with us. We provide quality bathrooms with a professional fitting that will leave everything looking just right. You can give us a call for a free quote, or speak with us about any questions or concerns you have. No matter what your query, we will find a way to help you. Let us make your bathroom dreams a reality. 


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