What is CAD used for when it comes to bathroom design?

Posted on 8 June 2021

Have you decided to invest in a new bathroom? If so, it’s important to make sure you get it exactly how you want it. The bathroom is often an underappreciated room within the home. However, it’s actually an important space that’s ideal for unwinding and escaping the stresses of modern life. Many bathroom companies use CAD software to produce high-quality, detailed designs before they begin work. This allows them to transform your vision into reality. Read on to find out what is CAD used for when it comes to bathroom design. 

What is CAD?

CAD Bathroom Design in Scunthorpe

CAD refers to Computer Aided Design – a computer program that enables designers and customers to see designs in 3D. As well as being able to see a design in 3D, CAD also lets you move in and around the design for a more immersive experience. With CAD software, you can build a complete model in an imaginary space. This allows you to visualise properties such as height, width, material, and colour before the model is constructed. With a bathroom design in 3D, you can take a virtual walk around your new bathroom before work has started. 

The beginnings of CAD can be traced to 1962 when renowned computer scientist Ivan Sutherland created the first CAD system. “SketchPad” allowed people to write or draw basic figures directly onto a screen with the help of a special pencil. This was the start of all future CAD software. CAD has come a long way since the 1960s, with CAD software created for nearly every professional sector. Specialised features and tools are available for each one, making CAD widely applicable in 2021. 

How is CAD used in bathroom design?

CAD is hugely important for bathroom design in the UK. At Quality Bathrooms, we offer expert bathroom CAD design in Scunthorpe, and Gainsborough. Our experienced team using a state of the art design system called “Virtual Worlds” to create bathrooms for our customers. Virtual Worlds is cutting-edge design software popular with many of the nation’s leading bathroom companies. 

We can create 2D and 3D representations of your bathroom before we begin work, providing you with a clear insight into what the space will look like. We can also produce accurate photographs and offer a walkthrough of your bathroom, letting you view designs from different angles. This ensures that you’re completely happy with the finished design. 

Since your bathroom is such an important room within your home, we want you to ensure that it meets your exact needs and preferences. CAD allows us to create a bathroom that’s tailored to you in every way. Our team will work with you to design your perfect bathroom, listening to you closely to understand your requirements.  

How long does CAD take?

CAD Bathroom Design in Gainsborough

One of the best things about our CAD bathroom planning and design service is that it only takes around an hour to complete. Within 60 minutes, we can produce the initial design of your new bathroom.  If there any aspects of the design you’re not happy with, we can easily make changes to ensure that it’s in line with your requirements. Our CAD technicians have been designing bathrooms for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

Why is CAD better than a free online planning tool?

Now that you know what is CAD used for when it comes to bathroom design, you might be wondering if it’s really any better than free online planning tools. The answer is yes, it is. These basic tools allow you to create a simple design of your bathroom by placing shapes into spaces. However, CAD is much more advanced. With CAD, you can create a much more detailed design that lets you gain a far deeper insight into what your new bathroom will look like. You can virtually step inside the room and get a real feel for the space. 

Online tools may be free but that’s because they’re very simple and are far less sophisticated. They simply can’t replace CAD design systems and the experienced technicians who use them. If you want to know exactly what your bathroom will look like once complete, avoid free online tools and choose a bathroom designer that uses CAD. You don’t need to worry about paying extra for our CAD services. CAD is such a key part of our design process that it’s included in the cost of our bathrooms. 

Designing a bathroom that’s right for you and your lifestyle 

Quality Bathrooms has been providing bathroom planning and design in Scunthorpe and Gainsborough for many years, helping countless local people to create their dream bathrooms. In fact, one of the questions we get asked most here is “what is CAD used for when it comes to bathroom design?” and that’s because our customers know that we’re specialists in our field. There’s not much we don’t know about designing beautiful bathrooms using CAD software. 

So, if you want a bathroom that’s not just stylish and functional but right for you and your lifestyle, look no further than Quality Bathrooms. With decades of experience in bathroom design and installation, we can help you transform your unloved bathroom into a wonderful space that you’ll love spending time in. We can create a tranquil sanctuary – the perfect room in which to relax and unwind away from the stresses of life. 

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