What is a wetroom and how is it different from an ensuite?

Posted on 18 May 2020

Wetroom or ensuite? A question that has plagued homeowners since the concept of an indoor bathroom was invented. However, it is interesting to see that a surprising number of homeowners don’t actually know the difference between the two or which would be right for them and their home. This guide aims to answer all your questions and help you make the best decision. 


Wetroom vs Ensuite: What’s the Difference? 

The big question, and the one we will answer for you first. The good news is that the answer is incredibly simple. A wetroom is an open bathroom, which means there is no shower enclosure or shower floor, just a drain in the area where the shower unit and head has been installed. This also means the floor and walls benefit from additional waterproofing to keep them safe and secure. It’s accessible, stylish, and very convenient. 

An ensuite is a bathroom, but it tends to be attached to the master bedroom for added privacy as well as convenience. The size can vary, as can the installations inside it. Usually, it has a bath or an enclosed shower, as well as a toilet or a sink. In very small homes, the ensuite can just be a toilet with nothing else. It all depends on what you want and what you have to work with. 

The Benefits of a Wetroom 

There are actually quite a few advantages to getting a wetroom, some of which you may not have considered previously:

  • They open up space and offer a modern look that really brings the room together 
  • It’s perfect for small bathrooms because of the way it maximises space 
  • They are easier to clean and there is less maintenance involved
  • There is better protection against water in the flooring and walls because of the design
  • It can increase the value of your home if it is a second bathroom 
  • It is more accessible for the elderly or disabled


The Benefits of an Ensuite 

Just like the wetroom, the ensuite has its own set of appealing qualities that you’re sure to love. Here are some of the key ones for your consideration:

  • It creates a private space that’s just for you (especially if you have kids)
  • It adds convenience, allowing for quiet moments late at night or during the day
  • It reduces the bathroom traffic in your home every morning and evening 
  • They tend to be compact and organised to make everything accessible 
  • It can add value to your home (at least 5%)


Why Get a Wetroom or Ensuite? 

You might be wondering what the point in getting a wetroom or an ensuite is, especially since it will cost you money to have one installed. However, there are plenty of reasons why this should be one of your top home renovation considerations. Wetroom Installation Scunthorpe

The first is the added value to your home. They are worth more than they cost, and really an ensuite or wetroom doesn’t cost a great deal. You can get an easy 5% added to the value of your house, and there have been cases where it has brought a little more than this to the table. If you have plans to sell in the future, it is the perfect way to make a little more and pique the interest of even more potential buyers. 

Families should certainly be considering either of these additions. The wetroom provides easier access to the shower so that kids can wash with less risk of slipping over and injuring themselves. An ensuite brings a sense of relaxation to parents when they just want a little time alone and away from the family. It’s private, and it is yours. 

Even if you only have two people in your home, a second bathroom is exactly what you need. It gives everyone space, reduces bathroom traffic, and also means there is almost always one bathroom free when someone needs to use it. Plus, if you have guests over an ensuite means that you can retain your space without the stress of sharing it with someone else. 


Who is Suited to a Wetroom? 

The wetroom isn’t just an open and inviting space, it is also convenient and perfectly suited to a wide range of people. For those who are disabled in any way or severity, it offers the ability to transition straight to the shower without doors, steps, or ridges. Even those who require a shower chair to be wheeled in can do so without any restriction. It’s stress-free showering. 

Children, the elderly, and even adults massively benefit from a slip-free surface so that they can get clean and relax without worry. It’s a safer experience, and one that doesn’t come with the claustrophobic atmosphere of the standard shower enclosure. Yes, you can run the risk of everything getting soaked, but there is nothing stopping you from using a shower curtain if you want a little more privacy and to stop any water spraying. 

Those who have a small space to work with can really take advantage of wetrooms. They open the bathroom up completely, giving you space to breathe. In fact, many wetrooms feel a lot like a tropical paradise, with cool neutral tones in the tiles that resemble rocky cliffs and a waterfall shower head that takes you away from your current location. 


Who is Suited to an Ensuite? 

The ensuite is perfect for those who want their own private haven in their home. A place they can retreat to when they just need some quiet and want to take a bath or a long shower. Usually attached to the master bedroom, it provides the perfect chance to get away and lock yourself up so that no one can reach you. This is especially true if you have children and just need a little time to destress.

Ensuite Installation Scunthorpe

They are very convenient, allowing quick access at night and in the mornings so that you don’t need to worry about bathroom queues or waking anyone up. It’s a case of hopping out of bed and into the shower in less than 20 steps. There’s nothing quite like a Sunday morning leaving your ensuite in your bathrobe and sliding straight back into bed. 

For those that want to future-proof their home, this is the perfect option. Whether you are expecting kids or parents, having an ensuite means that you are prepared for whatever is coming next. It’s important to be prepared for whatever is coming next, and an ensuite is both an affordable and smart home improvement to make. 



To Conclude

Wetroom or ensuite? Both are superb choices and you are sure to benefit from either. If you are searching for Wetrooms or Ensuites in Scunthorpe, Gainsborough or Epworth then you don’t need to look any further. We are here to answer any questions, offer you a CAD design, and help you create an amazing space that you can be proud of. No matter which you choose, you can get in touch to go through your plans and get a quote. 

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