What are the latest Bathroom Designs?

Posted on 15 July 2020

The bathroom isn’t just a place to wash – it’s a sanctuary for relaxation and recuperation. It’s a tranquil space to rinse away the day’s stresses and strains. Therefore, it makes sense to create a bathroom that you absolutely love to spend time in. Read on to discover the latest trends for bathrooms in Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, and Epworth Brigg. These up to the minute styles will give you all the design inspiration you need.  

Black is back with a bang

Black is officially back in style, surpassing grey as the most popular colour for bathrooms. Not only is black super stylish and sophisticated, but it’s easy to match with other colours too. A black bathroom makes a bold statement, adding a real sense of drama to space. As well as this, it’s also likely to stand the test of time, with black bathrooms remaining consistently popular over the years. Even if black doesn’t stay on-trend, it’s important to remember that this is your home (unless you’re renovating to sell), and if you love the look, it’s worth going for it. 

Black tiling is an obvious way to incorporate black into your bathroom. However, you could also opt for a black rolltop bath, a statement sink, or a black shower. A black freestanding tub can be particularly attractive, adding a wealth of class and opulence to space. When combined with impressive plumbing fixtures, it can create a striking focal point.


Hi-tech bathrooms are in fashion

Whilst bathrooms in Scunthorpe have been heading in a “smart” direction for the past few years, 2020 has seen a definite increase in hi-tech features. 2019 saw a move towards smart toilets, but even more up to the minute technology is set to make its way into the bathroom this year. Geometric sculptured baths with chromotherapy lighting functions and freestanding taps can help you embrace technology in the bathroom. Or why not opt for hidden shower fittings or under-floor lighting? 

There are so many new ways to bring your bathroom into the 21st Century. Traditional layouts and even rooms with a vintage style can still incorporate the latest technology. So, there’s no reason to avoid a hi-tech bathroom if a modern look isn’t to your tastes. You can still benefit from the latest technological advancements whilst retaining a bathroom with a classic style. 


Brass is back – get the vintage look 

If you want to create a vintage look, consider incorporating brass in your bathroom. Chrome may have been the king of the bathroom for the past few years, but times are changing. Bathroom Designs ScunthorpeTaps, sinks, and toilets are shrugging off their outdated silver shades in favour of luxurious gold tones. Brass can add depth, warmth, and style to any space, bringing a real touch of class to your home. An antique brass finish will stand the test of time, with a patina that will only get better over the years. 

Some designers feel that an all-brass look is too much for many bathrooms, so a good option is to soften its impact by introducing another metal. Bathrooms with mixed metal finishes arguably have even more longevity in terms of style. 


Supersized tiles 

Tiles offer versatility and variety, and they’re ideal for adding flair and panache to your bathroom. In 2020, bigger is better, with larger format tiles gaining in popularity. Not only are they guaranteed to add drama with their striking appearance, but their considerable size and minimal grout lines help to give the room a spacious feel. Large tiles are available in a wide range of styles and colours, making them perfect for all tastes and incorporating well with various fixtures and fittings. Oversized marble tiles can be particularly striking, creating a classy and stunning minimalist look.

Bathroom wallpaper

If the tiling you want is outside of your budget, you could consider wallpapering your bathroom instead – another big trend of 2020. Not only is wallpaper cheaper than tiles, but it can add breathtaking colour, taking your bathroom walls to a whole new level. Many people are sceptical about using wallpaper in the bathroom, but there’s no need to be. 

Just avoid wallpapering right behind a sink or bath and make sure you use the right paper and varnish. It’s best to choose water-resistant wallpapers with a thick vinyl coating to deflect any moisture. You should also make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated at all times. 

Natural textures are in style

Latest Bathroom Designs ScunthorpeIf dark, bold colours aren’t for you, natural textures may be worth exploring. Wooden finishes are becoming particularly popular, offering a stripped-back, rustic feel for the bathroom. Sawn and treated woods have been prevalent in the home for some time, but 2020 will see them make a big impact in bathrooms in Epworth Brigg and Gainsborough. They’re a fantastic way of bringing the outdoors in, creating a tranquil and peaceful space in which you can truly relax and unwind. You can create an at-home spa-room, adding must-have accessories like candles, pot plants, and that all-important bath tray!

To create a rustic look, use repurposed wood on the walls and floor whilst incorporating upcycled items of furniture. Open shelving can complement the look whilst keeping things practical.


The Crittall continues to impress

The Crittall-style shower screen became one of the biggest bathroom trends of 2019, with its unique and stylish grid frame design adding a modern and urban feel. The fixture is continuing its comeback in 2020, remaining popular amongst people seeking an industrial look for their bathrooms. This shower screen has simple, clean lines, making it ideal for rooms with monochrome schemes. One of the biggest draws of these metal-framed partitions is that they’re light and minimalist whilst still offering a level of separation. They’re particularly useful for shower areas or walk-in wet rooms.

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