What are the different types of showers?

Posted on 7 August 2023

Are you renovating your bathroom? If so, one question you might have is “What are the different types of showers?” A shower is a key component of the bathroom for many people, but with so many different options available, knowing which to choose can be tough. Read on to find out more about the different showers on the market. 

6 types of showers to consider

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a shower for your bathroom. Some key factors to think about include functionality and features, available space, water pressure, accessibility, aesthetic appeal, and, of course, your budget. It’s usually best to get advice from an experienced bathroom fitter when choosing a new shower for your home. Keep reading to learn what are the different types of showers. 

Electric showersKey signs it’s time to replace your shower

Electric showers are one of the most popular types of showers. Providing instant hot water whenever it’s needed, an electric shower is certainly convenient. These showers work by heating the water directly using an electric heating element, instead of relying on a supply of hot water from a boiler or water heater. You won’t need to wait around for the water to heat up when you have an electric shower installed. Electric showers are convenient, relatively inexpensive and easy to fit. They’re also more energy efficient than many other types of showers because they don’t waste hot water.

Mixer showers

Mixer showers, which are also known as thermostatic showers, are a popular choice for many households. This type of shower combines hot and cold water to provide a controlled water temperature. A thermostatic mixing valve regulates the flow of hot and cold water, helping to keep the temperature consistent during showering. Mixer showers sometimes come with safety features like temperature limiters too. This makes them appealing for households with young children or elderly individuals.

Eco showers

Eco showers are fitted with flow regulators that allow you to save water. These showers minimise water wastage whilst maintaining water pressure, ensuring that the showering experience isn’t compromised. With an eco shower, you can enjoy a satisfying shower whilst using less water. In some cases, eco showers can halve your water usage, meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes. As well as conserving water, some eco showers are also able to reduce energy consumption. Temperature control mechanisms help to maintain a consistent water temperature, reducing the need for too much hot water usage.

Digital showers

Digital showers have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more homeowners looking to integrate advanced technology into their bathrooms. These showers provide precise control over water temperature, flow rate and shower duration via a digital control panel or interface. This allows you to enjoy a more satisfying and fully customisable showering experience. Many digital showers allow users to create personalised settings that you can save. This enables each person in a household to have their preferred temperature, flow rate, and other settings available as soon as they step into the shower. 

Some digital showers can be connected to smart home systems or integrated with other devices such as smartphones. This allows even greater control via apps or voice commands, providing fantastic convenience. Although still a fairly new concept, smart showers are becoming increasingly popular as people look to embrace technology and enhance their showering experience. 

Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers feature an open and spacious layout. This allows you to walk directly into the shower without needing to surmount a step or barrier. These showers not only provide a luxurious spa-like feeling in your bathroom but their enhanced accessibility makes them ideal for people with mobility issues such as elderly or disabled people. Walk-in showers are arguably safer too since they reduce the risk of slips and falls that could occur from stepping over the side of a bathtub or a raised shower tray. 

Shower enclosures 

Shower enclosures are self-contained shower units. Consisting of walls, a door, and a shower tray, they fully enclose the showering area to provide greater privacy and better water containment. Shower enclosures are available in various styles, sizes, and materials to suit different needs. This allows you to achieve the desired look and feel. Shower enclosures can be adapted to suit those with limited mobility since you can have shower trays with and without a lip, ensuring there’s no need to struggle with steps.

Bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe and Brigg

Now you know what are the different types of showers available to you, you may be looking for a bathroom fitter in your area. At Quality Bathrooms, we have bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe available right now to install a shower for you to the highest standards. We can offer various types of showers, ranging from electric and mixer showers to the very latest digital showers featuring the latest technology. Choosing the right shower when there are so many options available can be challenging, but we’re on hand to explain your options to you and help you make an informed decision. We have showers to suit all needs and budgets here at Quality Bathrooms.  

We’ve gained a brilliant reputation over the years, gaining a wealth of positive feedback from our customers. A quick look at the testimonials page on our website will reassure you about the high quality of our services. You can expect your shower installation to be carried out to an impeccably high standard. 

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