What are the bathroom trends for 2022?

Posted on 7 April 2022

Is your bathroom no longer meeting your needs? Perhaps it’s become an outdated space in need of a refresh? In either case, it’s time to ask yourself “What are the bathroom trends for 2022?” At Quality Bathrooms, we’ve compiled a list of the best ideas for this key room within your home.

The top bathroom trends of the year 

Bathroom trends are constantly adapting to meet changing needs and styles. However, 2022 is set to be the year of the bathroom, with so many new materials, finishes, colours and patterns to explore. Whether you want to make a small upgrade or take on a full remodel, read on. Find out what are the bathroom trends for 2022 below.

Sculptural taps 

Bathroom taps have become increasingly elegant over the years, with elongated spouts and unusual material choices taking over. However, 2022 will see this trend magnified further, with sculptural taps really stepping into the spotlight. The classic tap design is being turned on its head, with its most basic features reimagined. The handle, in particular, is getting a rework, becoming much more beautiful and exciting. 

Curved showers 

Curved showers are bang on trend in 2022. Not only do they look extremely elegant and offer a softer aesthetic but they are a fantastic option if you want to save space since they can fit neatly into a corner of your bathroom. Walk-in showers can be curved too and give the feeling that you’re walking into a cocooning space. Naturally, they can also add some great visual interest to the room.

Warmer colours What are the bathroom trends for 2022

When it comes to paint colour preferences for the bathroom, warmer, earthier shades are certainly trending. Tan, beige, terracotta, and wood tones and replacing grey walls and cabinets, delivering a warmer, cosier effect. Interior designers are predicting that beige will become the new neutral whilst grey will be used much more selectively. You could pair these warmer shades with natural stone tile floors or countertops and rich wood finishes. 

Bathroom art

You might assume that the living room, hall or even the kitchen is the best place to hang art in your home. However, 2022 will see many people using the bathroom as a space to showcase their favourite pieces, using artwork to bring colour and interest to the space. Adding art can be a great way to decorate and personalise the room. 

Don’t be afraid to add unique art or play with scale. After all, the bathroom is where you spend your time getting ready for the day so it makes sense to have a view that you appreciate! In 2022, there’s no reason for your bathroom to be a cold, white, characterless environment. The trend is to turn it into a domestic landscape similar to any other living space in the home.

Wet rooms and walk-in showers

Whilst wet rooms and spacious walk-in showers were once reserved for high-end hotels, they’ve grown highly popular in homes across the UK. No longer a purely practical room, homeowners are choosing to turn the bathroom into a luxury space that epitomises wellness and relaxation. Wet rooms and walk-in showers lend themselves to this trend whilst offering a sense of minimalism by creating an open feel to the room. Removing the bathtub or cubicle can open up the room with dramatic effect, providing a real wow factor.  

Finger tiles 

Whilst finger tiles have been appearing in bathrooms since back in 2018, their popularity has skyrocketed this year. Sometimes referred to as kit kat or stick tiles, they are favoured by many interior designers, architects and stylists. These sleek and stylish tiles are really trending due to their incredible design presence. Roughly the size of your finger, they come in a wide range of different colours and tones, ensuring that they can complement all styles of interiors, from contemporary to traditional.

What are the bathroom trends for 2022Industrial elements 

Industrial elements are expected to continue rising in popularity in 2022. Crittal shower screens will stay just as on-trend, offering a modern and urban aesthetic to a space. These versatile and stylish grid-like shower screens have slim metal frames that can make a bathroom look effortlessly edgy. 

Adding a touch of visible piping can really help to tie the look together. Industrial towel racks are all the rage, adding style and function in abundance. If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom with industrial style, talk to the team at Quality Bathrooms. We can suggest fixtures, fittings and décor options to suit needs, tastes, and budget. 

Modern bathrooms in Gainsborough and Brigg 

Now that you know what are the bathroom trends for 2022, you may be looking for a company that can help you make the changes you’re envisioning. At Quality Bathrooms, we can cater to all needs and budgets, supplying and installing fixtures and fittings from many of the industry’s biggest brands. 

Our team of designers are on hand to assist you with creating the perfect bathroom for your family. We’ll use our highly effective CAD planning and design service to achieve a finished bathroom that truly reflects your needs and tastes. We have developed a fantastic reputation for our bathrooms in Gainsborough and Brigg, becoming renowned for our professionalism and affordability. You can view our recent work and read testimonials on our website to find out what level of service you can expect from our team. 

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