Upcoming bathroom trends for 2023

Posted on 5 May 2023

Are you looking to breathe new life into your bathroom? If so, take a deep dive into these upcoming bathroom trends for 2023. Whether you want to completely remodel the room or simply add a few special touches, we have you covered. At Quality Bathrooms, we are the leading installer of bathrooms in Scunthorpe and Brigg. We’ve built a fantastic reputation over the years for our stylish, affordable fixtures and fittings. 

6 of the hottest bathroom trends right now 

2023 will see the bathroom transformed into a space that’s focused on health, wellness, and relaxation. Tranquil and soothing, it’s clear that self-care is a top priority this year. With many homeowners feeling financially stretched, many are looking to make smaller touches to their bathrooms, rather than undergo full renovations. Sometimes, even the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. Keep reading to discover the best upcoming bathroom trends for 2023. 

The ‘spathroom’ 

The ‘spathroom’ is a bathroom-spa hybrid that creates the ultimate self-care space in your home. Promoting a wonderful sense of serenity, they’re the perfect place to retreat to at the end of a hard day. Creating a spathroom is easier than you might think. Whilst adding a walk-in rainfall shower can bring the ultimate touch of luxury, smaller touches can be just as effective. For example, you may want to consider adding extra fluffy towels, robes, rugs, candles and diffusers, and even linen curtains to add to the spa-like feeling. 

Decorative lightingBathroom Fitting Scunthorpe

Decorative lighting is no longer just for living rooms and lounges. Pendants, sconces and highly ornate ceiling lights have made their way into the bathroom this year. Bathroom lighting isn’t just a functional asset – it can also contribute greatly to a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. There are so many decorative lights to choose from on the market right now that you shouldn’t struggle to find a solution that meets your needs and tastes.

‘Japandi’ design The Japandi design is up and coming in 2023, with more homeowners opting for this chic style for their bathrooms. Japandi is a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design, with slatted natural wood, neutral tones and clean lines creating a minimalist yet warm feel for the bathroom. A Japandi-inspired bathroom can create a real spa-like environment that’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Nature-inspired elements 

Incorporating natural materials into the bathroom is expected to be a key trend in 2023, with more people keen to bring the outdoors into their homes. Woods, concrete, plaster, bamboo and rattan are all increasingly making their way into this space. When it comes to colours, choose warm neutrals, pretty pastels and matt black accents. Adding textures, colours, and patterns found in nature can create a contemporary bathroom that feels like a blissful retreat. It can provide you with a calm and serene space to spend time.

Freestanding tubs

Freestanding tubs are back on trend, growing in popularity amongst UK homeowners. In fact, one study by BC Designs shows that sales have jumped around 15%. These baths are incredibly luxurious, offering a real sense of indulgence. They provide the perfect place in which to relax and let the stresses and strains of modern life melt away. Not only that but they’re also pretty practical as well since they can be placed anywhere, and unlike built-in baths, they don’t require caulking. 

Ensuites In ScunthorpeStatement mirrors 

Statement mirrors have become a key part of the interior design scheme in the bathroom in 2023. Asymmetric mirrors have grown particularly popular, becoming the latest home décor trend to pop up across Instagram. Online shopping retailer Etsy recently revealed that it’s seen a huge 127% rise in searches for asymmetrical mirrors over the past few months. Mirrors not only add a sense of style and interest to the bathroom but they also help to open up a space and generate more light, making it brighter and more welcoming. 

New bathrooms in Scunthorpe and Brigg

For new bathrooms in Scunthorpe, Brigg or the surrounding areas, look no further than Quality Bathrooms Ltd. We have been installing bathrooms to the highest standards for many years, creating breathtaking spaces that meet our clients’ unique needs and tastes. Whatever your vision for your bathroom, we’re confident that we can help you achieve it here at Quality Bathrooms. Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect spathroom where you can relax and unwind after a tough day at work or you’re keen to enjoy the pure luxury of a freestanding bathtub, we can assist.  

Our CAD planning and design service

When you choose us for new bathrooms in Scunthorpe or Brigg, you can expect to receive a service like no other. We want to ensure that your bathroom is exactly how you envision it, which is why we go the extra mile to achieve a result that meets your needs and expectations. Our planning and design service ensures that your new bathroom is tailor-made for you, with our team using state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software to generate high-quality, highly detailed designs of the space before any work is undertaken. 

The bathroom is no longer simply considered a functional room in the home. Instead, it’s now seen as a key room made for relaxation. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest in the bathroom, making changes to achieve a space that meets your needs and reflects your lifestyle. 

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