Top questions to ask a bathroom fitter

Posted on 10 May 2021

Investing in a new bathroom for your home can be incredibly exciting. After all, it allows you to create a beautiful and relaxing space that reflects your needs and tastes. You can turn your old, tired bathroom into a tranquil haven in which you love to spend time. However, before you start selecting the perfect fixtures and fittings for your new bathroom, you’ll need to find a bathroom fitter who you can rely on to turn your vision into reality. Many people focus on getting quotes to make sure that they can afford their services. However, there a few other things you should ask to ensure they are the right choice for your bathroom installation. Read on to find out the top questions to ask a bathroom fitter.

Popular questions to ask a bathroom fitter.

What experience do you have?

Top questions to ask a bathroom fitter

When it comes to choosing bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe or Gainsborough, it’s important to make sure they’re experienced. After all, the last thing you want to is to hire someone who’s embarking on their very first paid job. Check that they’re familiar with the type of work you require. Whilst some bathroom refits can be relatively simple, for example, requiring the replacement of units, others can be a lot more complex. A full renovation project that strips back and reshapes the whole room will require a fitter with significant experience. 

Keep in mind that if the refit involves electrical work, such as installing a power shower or rewiring, they’ll need to be a qualified electrician. Whatever the scape of the job, you need to be sure that the bathroom fitter you choose is up the task. The last thing you want is for them to start the project only to realise that they lack the necessary skill and knowledge.  

Can I see photos of recent work?

To check the quality of workmanship, we recommend asking to see photos of a fitter’s recent work. They might not have a professional portfolio to show you, but even a few images on their smartphone can tell you a lot about the standard of work they deliver. At Quality Bathrooms, all our recent work can be found on our website. This allows you to see what we can do quickly before you even get in touch with us. 

How long will it take to fit my bathroom?

This is one of the top questions to ask a bathroom fitter. Since you may be left without basic facilities whilst your new bathroom is being installed, it’s important to ask your fitter how long they will take to complete the work. This will give you an idea of how long this period of disruption will last and allow you to make alternative arrangements in the meantime. 

The best bathroom fitters will set a realistic timeframe, taking into account not just the level of work required but also the availability of various tradespeople involved such as plumbers, tilers, joiners, and electricians. At Quality Bathrooms, we provide a turnkey service, ensuring that we can manage all aspects of your bathroom installation from start to finish. We’ll aim to finish your new bathroom in the agreed timeframe whilst always keeping you updated of the progress. 

Who will be working in my home?

Bathroom Furniture Scunthorpe

Before you hire bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe and Gainsborough, you should check who will be working in your home. Some contractors serve as the business head but then hire foremen to manage the jobs. We recommend asking to meet the project manager so that you can ensure that they’re someone you’re happy to have in your home every day. You should feel comfortable in their presence since they’ll be so spending so much time in your living quarters.

The bathroom fitters you hire should always treat your property with the utmost respect. At Quality Bathrooms, we’ll make sure we clean up at the end of each day, getting rid of any rubbish and debris. We’ll ensure that as little disruption as possible is caused to your household. 

How much will my bathroom installation cost?

Whether you’re having a whole new bathroom installed from scratch or you’re only having minor work carried out, it’s important that you know exactly how much it will cost you. A bathroom fitter should provide you with a written quote. Then, if you agree to use their services, a contract will need to be signed at the outset. The contract should include the total cost, the payment schedule, and the start and completion dates of the project.

Whatever work you’re having done, the bathroom fitter might ask you to pay them a fee upfront. This is usually to cover the cost of goods. However, if they ask for full payment upfront, this should ring alarm bells. Most of the payment should only be due when the project is finished and you’re happy with the work. 

Although prices vary between bathroom fitters in Scunthorpe, it’s important to remember that you generally get what you pay for. Be wary of fitters who charge rock bottom prices for their services. This could indicate that they’re not very experienced or intend on rushing the job or using substandard materials. At Quality Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices and always offering a real value for money service.

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