Questions to ask yourself before buying a bathroom suite

Posted on 9 April 2021

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms within the home. Not only is it somewhere to shower or bathe, but it’s a place to relax and rinse away your worries. A bathroom is a place where you can be alone and really de-stress. So, if you thinking of buying a new bathroom suite, it’s important to think carefully about how to design this keyspace within your home to ensure it meets your needs. Read on to find out what questions to ask yourself before buying a bathroom suite in Gainsborough or Scunthorpe.

When buying a bathroom suite what questions should I be asking?

Questions to ask yourself before buying a bathroom suite

What space do I have to work with? 

The first thing you need to do when you’re thinking of buying a new bathroom suite is to work out how much space you have to work with. Whilst you can actually fit quite a lot into a small room, bathroom fitters can’t work miracles. There’s no point setting your heart on a huge roll-top bath if your bathroom can’t accommodate it. As a general guideline, 30 inches is a comfortable width for a toilet (compact toilets measuring 15 inches are available). You should also aim to leave around 25 inches clear in front of the fixtures to allow for easy passage. Don’t forget to account for the doors and shower screens too since they must be able to open freely. 

How do I plan the layout?

When it comes to your bathroom’s layout, you need to decide if the existing setup works for you. Although changing the layout might seem daunting, it’s often worth it if you want to achieve your desired design. Think about how you could change it to better suit your needs. However, don’t change the layout just for the sake of it. If it works well for you, keep it as it is. Moving water and waste pipes isn’t just a lot of work – it’s also expensive. Replacing fittings, tiles, and flooring is a much easier and cheaper way to refresh your bathroom. 

What’s your preferred style?

Who said you can’t add style to a bathroom? There are so many fantastic design ideas and colour schemes on offer when buying a new suite. This allows you to make your new bathroom as attractive and unique as you like. From clean and modern porcelain to classic wood with its natural warmth, there’s an abundance of style options to choose from. At Quality Bathrooms, we can help you turn your vision for your new bathroom into reality. We’re professional installers of bathroom suites in Scunthorpe and Gainsborough and we’ve built up a fantastic reputation over the years.

Should I choose a bath or a shower?

Wetrooms in Scunthorpe

This is a common question asked people buying a new bathroom suite. More homeowners have been choosing showers for their bathrooms in recent years, however, you should think very carefully before ditching your bath. Whilst it’s natural to think about getting rid of it if you don’t use it often and it’s taking up lots of room, you may find that doing so makes your home less saleable should you come to sell it in the future. Many homebuyers still expect to see a bath when they view a property, and so it’s likely that your home will take longer to sell. 

However, if a bath isn’t an option, choosing a luxury shower can be a good alternative. The team at Quality Bathrooms will be happy to advise you on your options when it comes to installing a high-end shower enclosure to meet your needs. We fit a huge range of showers, including bi-fold showers, quadrant showers, sliding showers, corner showers, and many more. 

What type of flooring should I choose?

Many people wonder what type of flooring they should choose for their new bathroom. When selecting flooring, it’s important to remember that whilst appearance is important, practicality is essential. Carpet might look nice, but it’s best to opt for something more hardwearing. Flooring which is moisture-resistant and easy to keep clean is ideal. Tiles are a good choice, and with so many styles on offer, you’re sure to find them to suit your tastes and décor. Natural stone is becoming an increasingly common option, however, you’ll need to research how to clean and maintain it to ensure it stays looking its best. Lino or vinyl has always been popular for bathroom flooring. Puddles aren’t likely to be a problem, and cleaning it is very easy. 

What’s your budget?

Once you know what you want your new bathroom suite to look like, it’s time to start getting quotes for the work to be carried out. Whilst it’s natural to want to get the best deal, it’s important not to cut corners on labour. Hiring the services of reputable bathroom fitters with a proven track record will ensure that your suite will be installed to the highest possible standards. Even if you have a modest budget, an experienced team of fitters will have the skills to achieve your dream bathroom. Check the reviews of local companies online to find a firm with a fantastic reputation for providing quality bathroom installation services in your area. At Quality Bathrooms, we have been fitting bathrooms in Gainsborough and Scunthorpe for many years. We strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a real value for money service from start to finish. 

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