Key signs it’s time to replace your shower [Infographic]

Posted on 9 July 2021

Showering should be a pleasurable routine that either rejuvenates you in the morning or relaxes you when it’s time to unwind at night. So, if your shower is no longer working as it should, and the experience has become more exasperating than enjoyable, it makes sense to replace it. At Quality Bathrooms, we specialise in shower installations in Scunthorpe and Gainsborough. Over the years, we’ve noticed some key signs it’s time to replace your shower. From leaks and sediment build-up to water pressure fluctuations, there are a few big indications that your shower has reached the end of its life. Read on to find out more.

Key signs it’s time to replace your shower [Infographic]


One of the key signs it’s time to replace your shower is leaks. Shower leaks can have various causes, ranging from a clogged or broken showerhead to a faulty mixer tap or worn shower valve. Leaks not only waste significant amounts of water, but they can also lead to problems like mould and pests. The water can eventually penetrate the walls, reaching the substructure and leaving the building susceptible to rot. As you can see, leaks in your shower should not be ignored. A small leak can quickly lead to significant problems if left unchecked. 

Fixing shower leaks may be possible. For example, you could try soaking the showerhead in vinegar to unclog it, or checking for a worn seal. If the washer and O-ring have hardened or split over time, it may be allowing water to leak out. You could replace these components to stop the leaking. Of course, in many cases, a full shower replacement may be necessary to combat leaks. If you’re not sure if your shower can be repaired, it’s best to consult with an experienced plumber. 

Water temperature changes 

Have you grown accustomed to the water changing temperature whilst you’re enjoying a relaxing shower? If so, you’ll know how irritating it can be. The truth is that a shower that suddenly produces ice cold or scalding hot water isn’t normal and is a sign that it’s not working as it should. Often, the cause of the problem is faulty components, such as pressure-balancing valves. 

A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) blends hot and cold water to provide constant and safe shower temperatures. The pressure valves open and close the pipes according to water flow. However, if a pressure valve is faulty, it may make up for a drop in pressure by sending freezing or scalding water to your shower, for example when a toilet is flushed or the dishwasher is on. If water temperature changes are becoming increasingly common, it may be time to replace your shower.

Water pressure fluctuations

As the components of your shower get older, they can develop issues, often becoming loose or unhinged. This can result in the showerhead becoming dislodged, leading to fluctuations in water pressure. Poor water pressure can affect the enjoyment of showering since it impacts the speed of the water. A showerhead that splutters out water doesn’t exactly make for a pleasurable showering experience. Eventually, water may stop running out of the showerhead altogether. 

Another possible reason for fluctuating water pressure is issues with older, gravity-fed systems. Since water needs to be gravity-fed through the pipes, it can be difficult to achieve a strong water pressure. You may also want to check your pressure-balancing valves and water pressure reduction valve to ensure they’re not faulty. 

Mould build-up

Mould build-up is common in bathrooms since they are such warm and humid places. However, it’s important not to ignore it in and around your showerhead. Mould is hazardous to health, potentially causing allergies, rashes, and even respiratory conditions. If you’ve noticed green or black spots on your shower or in the valves or pipes, you may want to consider replacing them to limit your exposure to mould growth. 

Which type of shower should I choose?

If you’ve decided to invest in a new shower, it makes sense to get in touch with the team at Quality Bathrooms. We supply and install a wide range of showers in Scunthorpe and Gainsborough, including shower enclosures and luxurious walk-in showers. With so many different sizes and styles of shower to choose from, we’re confident we can cater to your needs. 

When buying a new shower for your home, the first things you’ll need to consider are the water pressure and the type of domestic water system on your property. These factors will usually dictate which kind of shower you buy. Our team of shower specialists are on hand to offer expert advice to help you choose the right shower for your home. We supply manual mixer showers, thermostatic mixer showers, electric showers, power showers, and even the very latest smart showers. 

Whether you’re looking for a budget solution or the most advanced showering system on the market, you can rest assured that we can assist. We can supply and install showers at highly competitive prices.

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Now that you know the key signs it’s time to replace your shower, you may have a better idea of whether you should repair it or change it altogether. If it’s time for a full replacement, we can assist. At Quality Bathrooms, we specialise in shower installations in Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, and the surrounding areas. So, why not get in touch to find out more? We can help you select the perfect shower for your property, catering to your needs and style tastes as well as your budget. Call us on 01724 375 019 to talk to one of our team. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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