How To Unblock A Bath Or Shower Drain

Posted on 22 May 2019

A blocked bath or shower drain is a very common problem with an all too easy solution. Don’t forgo your nice hot bath or a steamy shower for the sake of a simple blocked drain. Here are some helpful hints and tips for you to successfully unblock your drain.


Chemicals And Solutions That Can Unblock Your Drain

There are plenty of ways to unblock a drain. The majority of people try using chemicals and home remedies to clear a blocked drain before calling out a plumber. Often, this option is considerably cheaper and highly effective, therefore, a plumber may never have to be called:


Boiling Waterboiling water unblock drain

It doesn’t get more simple than this. Pouring hot water down the drain should be your first resort, especially if you suspect it to be a minor blockage. It can help to clear the pipe of soapy scum and debris, so you can shower without a pool of lukewarm water around your ankles.


Baking powder and white vinegar

A great alternative to chemical unblockers – a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Not only is it more natural but it could prove to be substantially cheaper. For a more effective clean, administer the solution when you know the shower won’t be used for a few hours.


Commercial drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are often stronger than the baking powder and white vinegar alternative. Costing not nearly as much a plumber, chemical drain unblockers will more than likely do the trick. Pour the product down the drain and leave it to work for a few hours before attempting to take a shower or bath. Follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure you’re administering it safely and correctly.plunger for blocked drain



Using a plunger to unblock a shower drain

Remove the drain cover and get to work with a good old-fashioned plunger. It’s a method which has stood the test of time and is extremely effective. If you lose suction on your plunger, apply some petroleum jelly to the edge of the suction pad for a better seal and add water to the shower drain so the end of the plunger is fully submerged. Now it’s time to unclog your drain.


How To Unblock A Drain By Hand

If you can see the blockage, it might be just as easy to put a rubber glove on, reach in and pull the clog out yourself. If you suspect that your problem could be rectified by reaching in and pulling it out, firstly, ensure you’re wearing gloves, then take the drain cover off (it may be helpful to have a torch handy at this point), push your fingers in slowly and retrieve the blockage. Once that’s done, flush your pipes out with water until the flow returns back to normal.


How To Prevent Blocked Drains

1. Install a drain screen
2. Frequently pour boiling water down the drain
3. Keep the shower running for a few extra minutes after you’ve stepped out
4. Don’t let foreign objects go down the drain (hair grips, nail clippings, etc.)


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