How To Replace A Toilet Seat

Posted on 30 June 2019

Replacing a toilet seat may seem straightforward enough, but actually, there’s a little more to it. In this article, we’ll be talking you through how to efficiently change your toilet seat with care and precision.


How To Choose A Toilet Seat

Although this may seem self-explanatory, it can be easier than you think to pick up the wrong toilet seat. If you don’t need to buy one because you have already measured up and bought a seat you know will fit, then you can skip this step and move onto the next. If you’re yet to purchase one, then keep reading.

  1. Before you remove the old seat, put some protective gloves on and measure your toilet both width and lengthways with a tape measure and jot down the measurements. Toilets can come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important you get a rough estimate in terms of size.
  2. If you’re measuring a toilet with no seat, measure the length from the middle of the fitting holes to the front centre of the toilet bowl and make a note. Then measure the width from the widest point across.
  3. Once you have your measurements jotted down, find a seat which best matches the sizes you have and the budget you’ve set. 


Tools Needed To Fit A Toilet Seat

Before you begin, it would be a good idea to wear protective gloves, then thoroughly clean the toilet bowl, along with any nooks and crannies you were unable to reach while the toilet seat is on. 

  • Protective gloves
  • Pliers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Toilet seat


How To Remove A Toilet Seat

Most toilet seats are attached to the bowl by two bolts, usually hidden by 2 plastic caps. Removing these, along with the rest of the toilet seat, is fairly simple and shouldn’t take you too long at all.

  1. Take the flat of your screwdriver and use that to gently pop off the protective plastic caps
  2. Once the caps are off, you should be able to see the top of the bolts that hold the seat in place
  3. Under the toilet, you should be able to see two bolts sticking out, firmly held by two nuts/wingnuts
  4. Take your pliers and use them to keep the nuts in place, then unscrew the bolts with the screwdriver
  5. Some toilet seats may have a different fitting, but they generally work in much the same way


How To Fit A New Toilet Seat

Once the old seat has been removed, it’s time to fit the new one. Here’s how to go about attaching it to your toilet:

  1. Take the fittings which came with your new toilet seat and check that all parts are there. Then lay them out neatly, so you can see everything
  2. Your new seat should come with instructions, so regularly refer back to those to double check that you’re fitting it correctly
  3. Attach the new fittings, it’s advised that you tighten the nuts and bolts with your hands at this stage, so as not to over tighten them
  4. Place the toilet seat over your loo and line the fittings up to the back of the toilet seat
  5. Ensure the seat is central to the bowl, then tighten up the nuts when you’re happy
  6. At this stage, you may need pliers to tighten them properly, ensuring the seat is in place


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