How To Prepare Your Bathroom For Winter

Posted on 27 December 2018

During the wintertime, we all find it hard getting up in the morning because it’s oh-so cosy and warm in bed and avoiding the icy, cold bathroom is just too easy. That said, it’s impossible to steer clear from the bathroom because we all need to freshen up after a night’s sleep. So put a stop to it altogether and prepare your bathroom for the winter with a few simple tips and tricks that’ll keep your home comfortable throughout.     


Things You Can Do To Keep Your Bathroom Warm:


1. Windows and pipes

Checking that there are no problems in your bathroom, to begin with, will keep any small issues from growing and not to mention, keep your home warm and expenses low. Check your windows to ensure they are fully sealed, if they are not, replace the sealant around them to keep them airtight. Check your pipes for cracks or leaks and see to it that they are well insulated. Well insulated pipes make for a more efficient home and prevent them from freezing – which can lead to burst pipes and expensive repairs.


2. Use weather stripping on windows and doorscondensation

This heavy-duty application is made out of either rubber or plastic and can be cut to fit your exact needs. Weather stripping will keep out cold air and condensation, this method is somewhat more efficient than reapplying sealant.


3. Heating

Replace inefficient radiators with something new and more fitting inside your home. There are various types of radiators available that differ in styles, sizes and colours – so your bathroom can look great and functional. For small bathrooms, it’s a good idea to install multifaceted radiators such as heated towel rails that will keep your bathroom warm and your towels dry.


4. Check ventilation

During the wintertime, there will be more condensation, so it’s good to check your ventilation by cleaning out the vents, replacing the motor or remembering to open the bathroom window for an hour or two. This will help remove any moisture in the air by stimulating air flow.


5. New towels

Purchase a new set of fluffy towels to replace those rough and worn towels and place them on your towel rail to keep you warm and insulated after a nice, relaxing shower.


6. Underfloor heating

As well as a heated towel rail or radiator, underfloor heating is a luxury that’ll make your bathroom the most inviting place in the home and help you make long-term savings. Underfloor heating can be installed simply with heated cabling or mats, this can be controlled by a timer or switch.


7. Paint your walls

Opt for a warm colour palette rather than whites. This can promote warmth and make your bathroom much more inviting. A hint of colour will make a room cosy and comfortable.


8. Bleed your bathroom radiators

If your radiator is taking a long time to heat up or you feel cold spots, it’s likely they need to be bled to keep them working efficiently. Try turning the radiator key slightly, at which time you will hear air passing and water entering the system – this is the indication that the radiator is beginning to work – turn the key back to its original position. If your radiator is still having problems, it’s likely you need to fully bleed the radiators and release all sludge that has built up over time.


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