How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Bathroom

Posted on 8 March 2023

There is such a thing as a small bathroom but there’s also such a thing as not knowing how to utilise square footage to its utmost potential. Thing is, a lot of people decorate with the most standard bathroom fittings and this can massively impact the use of your tiny bathroom. To get the most out of a small bathroom try installing corner sinks, wall-hanging units and decorating with free-standing, tall-tiered storage furniture. In a small bathroom, furnishings and decoration matter!  We take a look below at how to make the most of a small bathroom.

Top tips on how to maximise space in a small bathroom:

Corner Sinks

Ihow to make the most out of a small bathroomnstall a corner sink to avoid using space that would otherwise fit a toilet or shower. Also, consider how you will use your space. If you have your shower opposite your sink, you won’t want to be opening and closing the door onto it. So consider the correct placement to ensure optimal functionality and fluidity throughout your WC.

Wall Hanging Units

Floating fittings and cabinets can trick the eye and make your space look bigger. It will offer you more floor space too because you will have the area underneath these floating furnishings, ideal for laundry and wicker baskets.

Tall Tiered Storage

Keep your lotions, shampoos, conditioners and shower gels neatly in one place with a nifty tiered storage unit. If space truly is limited, purchase a lightweight, metal stand that can be carried to and from the bathroom.

To-Scale Furnishings

Choosing large, cumbersome, heavy wooden fittings can dwarf a pokey room, buy furnishings that are to-scale, to ensure you’re not overwhelming a limited space. Make your statement furnishings the bath or shower – rather than a large cabinet because really, that’s the better luxury.

Use Storage to Avoid Clutter

Tiered storage

A small and cluttered bathroom may

as well have a sign on it that says ‘out of order’, if you want to work with your small bathroom, you must use the storage you have and tidy/bin any unnecessary clutter.

Natural Colours

Avoid dark colours in your room. Use lighter colours, natural colours, that will open up dark corners of the room and allow the natural or artificial light to bounce off the white walls and mirrors. A dark and dingy bathroom will only look smaller and uncared for.


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