How long does it take to fit a new bathroom suite?

Posted on 8 February 2021

So how long does it take to fit a new bathroom suite? This can all depend as all projects are different. Fitting a new bathroom suite in your home is exciting, but you may also be concerned that you’ll be left without basic facilities whilst the installation process is being carried out. At Quality Bathrooms, our team are very experienced, fitting hundreds of bathrooms across Lincolnshire and beyond. This means you can rely on us to fit your new bathroom quickly and efficiently without cutting any corners. Read on to find out how long bathroom fitting in Scunthorpe usually takes.

Set a realistic timeframe for bathroom installation

How long does it take to fit a new bathroom suite in Scunthorpe

Although you’ll want your new bathroom finished as quickly as possible, it’s important to set a realistic timeframe. A bathroom can rarely be installed in a couple of days, especially if a complete refit is required. You can alleviate stress by being sensible about how long it will take for the work to be completed.

There are various factors to consider when establishing how quickly your new bathroom will be installed. For example, are you using reputable bathroom fitters in Gainsborough or Epworth Brigg or is it a DIY job? Are you changing the position of your fixtures and fittings? If so, it’s likely to be a lengthier process. Here are the most important factors to consider when establishing how long your new bathroom suite will take to fit.

Who is doing the work?

If you want to know how long it will take to fit your new bathroom, consider who is carrying out the work. If you’re doing it yourself, the installation is likely to take significantly longer than if you hired a professional company. A lack of experience, knowledge, and skills can mean you run into problems or make mistakes during the process. This will make the job take longer than it should. Installing a bathroom requires thorough planning, and many DIYers tend to forget this, jumping straight in with their tools and a vision of what the finished room should look like. This can cause issues throughout the installation. You might think you’ll save money by going it alone. However, if mistakes are made which need to be rectified, this is unlikely to be the case. 

Quality Bathrooms of Scunthorpe

When you hire Quality Bathrooms to carry out the job, your new suite will be fitted as quickly as possible, with all work carried out to the highest standards. A turnkey provider, we can handle every aspect of the project, taking care of everything from start to finish. Our multifaceted team have a wealth of expertise which allows us to handle a broad range of tasks, from plumbing and tiling to plastering and electrical work.

You can rest assured that Quality Bathrooms can deliver a complete bathroom that reflects your needs and tastes. Some people opt to hire different tradespeople to carry out the different jobs, however, this can slow down the work significantly. Each tradesperson must be coordinated effectively so they and the materials are on-site at the correct time. Misunderstandings and confusion can occur with your working with various individuals rather than a single company. When you hire Quality Bathrooms, we’ll keep you updated with the progress of the installation throughout the process. We won’t leave you wondering what is going on. Our team will communicate all delays to be you as soon as possible. 

What work needs to be done?

Bathroom Fitters in Scunthorpe

Obviously, if you require a full bathroom refurbishment, this is going to take a lot longer than if you need a new bath or shower enclosure fitting. The installation will take longer if there are multiple fixtures and fittings to be installed. Other elements, such as bathroom wall tiles, can take quite a long time to fit, as can new flooring. We recommend being concise about your requirements at the beginning of the project. This can help you to avoid unexpected delays which can occur if you’re not upfront about how needs to be fitted at the very start. Once we know exactly what your requirements are, we can let you how long we expect the work to take. We’ll always be honest about timeframes, with our team explaining how long every aspect of the work will take to complete.

Are you repositioning your bathroom?

One factor that you need to consider is the position of your new bathroom suite versus the existing suite. Do you plan on repositioning fittings such as the bath or sink? When you move items like these, you also need to relocate the supply pipework which feeds them. This can be a time-consuming task that involves lifting the floorboards and notching or drilling holes into the joists beneath them to the new positions.

The pipework might even need to be run into the walls. In some cases, new waste pipes from these fittings might need to be run into the soil vent pipe (SVP) outside. The external walls must have holes drilled through them. If this is necessary, it’s best not to do it yourself. The job is difficult for DIYers to accomplish due to the need for specific tools, as well as a vast amount of skill and knowledge.

Fortunately, existing pipework can usually be used when installing new bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. If you want to reposition your bathroom, it’s best to speak to one of our skilled bathroom fitters. You can arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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