Bathroom trends of 2022

Posted on 8 September 2022

Are you looking to refresh your bathroom? Perhaps it’s no longer meeting your style tastes or your needs? If so, you may be looking to discover the top bathroom trends of 2022. Read on for a rundown of the best ideas for this important room within the home.

Modernise your bathroom with these top trends

The bathroom has seen countless trends come and go over the years. However, with 2022 firmly established as the year of the bathroom, we’re seeing a whole host of new finishes, materials, patterns and colours becoming popular. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate this space or tweak it with a few simple cosmetic changes, there are some fantastic ideas to consider. Keep reading to find out the best bathroom trends of 2022. 

Marble Ensuite Sinks Scunthorpe

The use of marble in the bathroom isn’t new. However, this luxurious stone is proving to be even more popular in 2022. It can add an opulent touch to the space, with classic white marble with its distinctive grey or golden veins, and black marble both achieving a truly premium finish. If marble is out of your price range, you may want to consider marble-effect tiles made from porcelain. Cheaper yet still giving that luxury look and feel, they’re a good option if marble is out of reach.  

Industrial style 

Industrial-style bathrooms have become highly sought-after in 2022, with many people opting for the exposed brick look with brass accents and rustic accessories. The good news is that achieving an industrial aesthetic can be done without making major changes to your space. One way to add an industrial touch is to install a crittal shower screen. Versatile and stylish, these grid-like screens have metal frames that can make a bathroom look very edgy. Adding visible piping can also help add industrial style to the space. 


Bringing the outside into the bathroom is very much on-trend. You can add nature to the space by adding greenery in the form of house plants such as orchids, peace lilies, snake plants, ferns and ivy. An injection of foliage can breathe life into your bathroom, creating serene yet vibrant energy. Plus, with the low light and high humidity, it’s the perfect home for many houseplants to thrive throughout the year. 

Bathroom Fitting ScunthorpeSculptural taps 

Bathroom taps have become more and more elegant over time, with the trend for elongated spouts and unusual materials taking over in 2022. Sculptural taps have stepped into the spotlight, with the most basic features of the classic tap turned on their heads. The handle, in particular, has been reworked, becoming more beautiful and exciting. Sculptured taps can easily add style and interest to your bathroom. 

Bathroom art

Art is no longer restricted to the living room or hallway in 2022. More and more of us are choosing to showcase our favourite pieces in our bathrooms. Not only can hanging artwork in this room add colour and interest but it can also help to personalise the space, allowing you to really make it your own. If you do choose to hang art in your bathroom, it’s important to be aware that the added humidity can cause damage, with stains and matting possible if moisture finds its way under the glass. Therefore, if you’re worried about damage, it may be best to choose inexpensive pieces. Works on canvas or those without glass or glazing could be good options.

Warmer shades 

Warm, earthy shades have become the order of the day for bathrooms in 2022. Paint colours such as beige, tan and terracotta have replaced grey walls and cabinets, as homeowners look to create a cosier effect. Many interior designers expect warm shades to become common whilst grey, white and black will be used more sparingly.  

Bathrooms in Gainsborough and Brigg 

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Our team have been transforming bathrooms in Brigg and Gainsborough for many years, building a brilliant reputation throughout the area. Take a look at our recent work and testimonials to find out what level of service you can expect when you hire us. You can feel confident that we can help turn your vision for your bathroom into reality.

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