Bathroom Quirks From Around The World

Posted on 27 November 2018

Travelling around the world can open us up to the most amazing experiences including delicious delicacies and stunning sights, but sometimes, we might just find ourselves surprised by the contrast in culture. Before you jet off, it’s unlikely that you will experience the toilet talk – and for some, that’s probably a good thing – but when you arrive at your destination you may find yourself squatting with a stranger. Prepare yourselves and read on to have your stresses flushed away.

The Middle East

Referring to the ‘Middle East’ covers a vast region of ethnic groups and cultures which means toilet practices vary massively. The one we’re most familiar with in the UK is the sit and flush toilet, which can also be found in the Middle East but you’re much more likely to find squat toilets, that work exactly how they sound. You stand in the squat position over what replicates the toilet bowl but its floor level squat toilet– sometimes referred to as a ‘squatting pan’. The squatting pan is mainly found in Turkey, these facilities could possibly have a water cistern but there’s a high chance you’ll find a bucket which must be filled with water to flush waste away. An alternative to what we use, toilet paper, spray hoses or buckets of water are used in the ‘Middle East’ to cleanse oneself.



If you’re soon visiting Japan, be sure to pay attention to the signs in the toilets and make sure you’re facing the toilet the right way; what may seem the right way to you is, most likely, the opposite. In 2015, this became such an issue with visitors using the toilet incorrectly that stickers were displayed across the city to encourage tourists to use it properly.   


Chinachinese toilet

In China, you may find yourself thrown into the deep end, especially if you’ve only ever experienced the private westernised toilet manner. With unisex toilets, no doors and squat pans, you can be sure to fully experience the everyday Chinese lifestyle.  



Newly brought to Paris, France has started to integrate open-air urinals since August 2018. They look like post boxes and are dotted around to prevent public urination. That said, urinals do not cater to the masses and can only tackle male urination.



Keep in mind that, if you’re visiting Sweden, you better have your change at the ready because you have to pay to go. The idea behind paying to use the toilet is to ensure the bathrooms are kept hygienic and pristine.



If you find yourself in Mexico take note that you can’t flush toilet roll because the sewage facilities aren’t as advanced as ours here in the UK; their systems can’t filter and separate the toilet paper from the water and the waste. In Mexico, toilet paper must go into a bin to avoid clogs or overflowing toilets.


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