5 Bathroom Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

Posted on 22 February 2019

Your bathroom, although you may think it’s spotless is, unfortunately, a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you practice bad bathroom etiquette. From swimming pools and locker rooms to the gym and public loos, nowhere is safe from the harmful germs that harbour in moist, warm nooks and crannies. In a bid to banish horrid bacteria, here are some skin-crawling, gut-wrenching habits that you need to break immediately.


Bad Bathroom Habits:


1. Bringing your phone into the bathroom

We’re constantly using our hand-held, smart devices for everything, from online shopping to checking work emails. So it’s no surprise that we barely have a minute in our day that is completely free from technology, not even when we go to the bathroom.

It’s so easy to utilise your spare few minutes on the loo to scroll through Facebook, seems harmless enough, doesn’t it? But think about how many germs are crawling around your bathroom, particularly the sink. Bacteria, such as fungi and yeast can be present on toilet seats, window ledges and even the floor. So when you get up to wash your hands, you’re putting your phone down into a pool of those germs. When you pick your phone up, those bacteria transfer back onto your hands and before you know it, you’re touching your face or eating a sandwich. To keep those germs out of your system, keep your phone out of the bathroom.

dirty make up brushes

2. Not washing your makeup brushes

You’re probably aware that you should wash your makeup brushes, but you’ve either not got around to doing it, or you have deliberately been putting off such a painfully laborious task. However, giving your brushes a deep clean should be made a regular ritual as they can be magnets for nasty bacteria. The more they’re used, the more frequently they should be washed, especially foundation or concealer brushes.


3. Leaving your toothbrush out

It makes a lot of sense to simply throw your toothbrush into a cup on the bathroom sink. It’s easily accessible and very quick to grab, use and put back. But, if you want to tackle germs, you may want to store your toothbrush elsewhere. The tightly packed bristles and temporary moisture can provide the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria, particularly E. coli. To keep the germs at bay and away from your toothbrush, shut the toilet lid when flushing, keep brushes stored in a closed cabinet or buy a toothbrush holder.


4. Flushing the toilet with the lid open open toilet lid

Believe it or not, this one is a very common occurrence in the average UK household. It isn’t generally something we give a second thought to, but maybe we should. When we flush the loo, we allow microscopic molecules of waste to be dispersed around our bathroom, settling on door handles, toothbrushes and hand towels. Nowhere in your bathroom is safe from the spread of bacteria, particularly when you flush the toilet with the lid open.


5. Hanging wet towels

It’s imperative that once used, your wet towel should be hung up to dry. However, the way in which you do this could have a big impact on how germ infested your clean towel can become. Hanging a wet towel on a hook provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow, sprouting in the trapped moisture between the creases and folds of your newly used towel. Instead, spread the towel out on a radiator or towel rail.


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