10 Amazing Benefits of Taking Cold Showers Every Day

Posted on 29 April 2019

Having a cold shower in the morning is often everyone’s idea of a nightmare. But actually, taking cold showers can be highly beneficial to your health. We’re here to tell you how this can improve both your physical and mental health. Here are ten reasons why you should ditch a warm shower for a cold, refreshing alternative.

What are the health benefits of cold showers:

1.Improves Circulation

Improved circulation promotes better cardiovascular health. Cold showers can enable a good and healthy blood flow around the body, allowing your organs to keep warm with a regular rush of blood.


2.Boosts the Immune System

Regular cold showers have been proven to increase both our metabolic rate and the number of white blood cells that flow around our bodies. This can further help our bodies to fight off diseases, illnesses and viruses, allowing you to recover from the common cold more quickly.immune system


3.Builds Up Emotional Resilience

A study showed that taking cold showers can have a positive impact on our nervous systems, increasing our resilience to negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. The act alone is said to serve as a small form of oxidative stress, whereby the body will eventually adapt and prepare the brain for negatively impactful events.


4.Decreases Stress

Similarly to the previous point, cold showers can help reduce the stresses of everyday life. The brain will eventually learn how to deal with stressful situations as a result of a decrease in uric acid levels and an increase in glutathione in our blood, therefore reducing stress.


5.Improves Fertility

Taking cold showers can, in fact, boost sperm count, therefore increasing fertility. Researches have previously made claims that it can reverse the effects of taking hot baths and showers which would have the opposite outcome. In one experiment, it was found that men who took a hot bat bath for half an hour every other day (for three weeks) became infertile for six months.


6.Promotes Faster Muscle Recovery

A cold shower would increase your levels of lactic acid as a result of improved blood circulation, in turn, speeding up your muscle recovery time considerably.


7.Great for Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair

Taking cold showers not only improves your general health, but it can enhance the appearance of your skin and hair without the need to splash out on expensive products. Ice cold water can prevent you from losing too many natural oils on your skin and hair, ensuring your skin glows and your hair stays smooth and shiny. Washing your hair with cold water can even strengthen their grip to the scalp, resulting in less fallout.

sleep quality

8.Improves Sleep Quality

It’s actually been proven that if you have a cold shower before you go to bed, the quality of your sleep will improve, ensuring you wake up refreshed and energised for the next day. Perhaps this could help solve those sleepless nights and unproductive days.


9.Stimulates Fat Loss

Believe it or not, pouring ice cold water down your body can help reduce fat. Cold showers activate brown fat which aids in generating heat around our bodies. The ‘good fat’ works hard to try and mitigate the cold sensations we feel when we have cool showers, which ultimately will burn calories. Cold showers can help boost brown fat to fifteen times the average amount.

fat loss

10.Increased Alertness

Taking cold showers every morning can help boost your alertness throughout the day. This can benefit everything, from your creativity to your overall energy levels. Start the day off with a cold, refreshing shower and stay productive all day long.


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