What Are The Different Types of Shower?

Posted on 26 January 2019

When it comes to the bathroom there are so many decisions to make and that’s certainly the case when choosing the right shower. There are countless types of shower, including electric showers, mixer showers, thermostatic showers, eco showers, digital showers and power showers. Don’t worry though, Quality Bathrooms are here to take you through each type and explain a little about them.


Types of Showers Explained:


1. Electric Showers

Electric showers are more or less the cheapest type of shower and what’s more, they’re incredibly simple to fit. This type of shower is a self-contained entity that can extract and heat cold water as and when you require it. The electric shower is more energy efficient than most because no hot water is wasted.

If water pressure is a problem at home, an electric shower is a good way to go because this system has an internal pump that works to increase the flow of water that leaves the shower head. Should you need even more pressure you can have a cold water accumulator installed but generally, if you want a hotter and more powerful electric shower opt for 10.5kw as this is usually the max you can get.

If you’re refitting a bathroom or ensuite, chances are you have sufficient water pressure within your home and you needn’t opt for an electric shower as a replacement.


2. Mixer Showers

Take water from both hot and cold water from the available supply and produce a greater flow. Mixer showers are perfect for homes that have combi boilers or large hot water tanks. When a mixer shower is turned on, both the hot and cold water is mixed to create your desired temperature.

Mixer showers allow for adaptations including: fixed heads, adjustable heads and a handset on a riser rail (this option allows you to remove the handset from the rail or prop up on the stand, depending on your needs). Mixer showers are only good if you have a high-pressure water supply because if you have a low pressure you will only be taking more water from your existing supply.


3. Eco Showers

Refers to any style of shower, but eco showers are fitted with flow regulators which means you can be water efficient. Eco showers can halve your water usage, meeting the code for Sustainable Housing. There is a wide range of eco showers to tailor to all budgets, so you can save water and money on your energy bills without losing pressure or hindering your shower experience. There are a variety of parts you can fit to make your shower an ‘eco’ shower, these include fixed shower heads, fixtures and fittings, rain shower heads and low-pressure hand showers.


4. Digital Showers

There’s something to be said about smart homes, making your everyday routine just that bit smoother and that’s certainly the case for digital showers. They’re an advanced piece of kit that can be operated via a panel that adjusts the flow and temperature of your shower. The power unit to a digital shower is commonly fixed in the loft or an airing cupboard – if you have one. The main control panel can be fixed within a 10m radius – so you can place it anywhere in your bathroom.

5. Walk-in showers

Looking for sheer luxury and a spa-like feel to your bathroom? Walk-in showers are great for a number of reasons; they give you more space, they’re easy to clean, they’re wheelchair accessible, they’re durable and it’s likely you will experience fewer clogs.


6. Shower enclosures

If you’re limited for space, shower enclosures are a good way to go. They can be adapted to suit those who have limited mobility as you can have shower trays with and without a lip, so there’s no need to struggle with steps. With shower enclosures, there’s less to maintain and mildew will be kept to a minimum because glass doors won’t harbour dirt and moisture like a shower curtain will. You can also choose between clear, textured or tinted glass – to suit your style.  


Quality Bathrooms are here to help you make the right choice that works seamlessly with your lifestyle. For the perfect bathroom that meets your budget and needs turn to our expert team today. We have a wealth of experience within the industry supplying quality fixtures and fittings and providing impeccable service. For more information call your local branch today, we can be found in Scunthorpe, Epworth and Brigg/Barton.

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